Some of our Kansas Black Walnut cut into pieces to make a beautiful butcher block or cutting board for your family

Words from our WorK Shop

Let’s Talk about wood

From the aromatic festival that is cedar to the olfactory experience that is red oak, I enjoy wood. There is nothing quite as warm and comforting as fresh cut lumber. Choosing the right lumber for a project relies on a lot of factors be it size, hardness, grade, or grain. I am quite partial to using walnut in my project, for me, there is nothing quite like spalted walnut. As we have a supplier for local harvested lumber, our projects are not limited to just walnut, we also use oak, maple, and hickory. I have not dipped my toe into the exotic woods but we will see what the future holds for that. We are always looking for local Mills to help us expand our inventory. 

Once the lumber is selected, then comes the labor of love. The design, prep, cutting, jointing, and finishing every part is just as important as the last. All boards move from rough form to finished product in the wood shop. When the process begins it is always a thing of wonder, no matter how many times I plane a board the first layer coming off is always spectacular to see what was hiding on the rough form of the board and to slowly transform it into another project.

As I prefer to leave my projects in their natural form with oils or waxes. I stain individual pieces at request. Just give us a shout. 

Homegoods by Lathe and Quill Opening soon

Our first products will be beautiful charcuterie boards (coming really soon!), but we will be adding cutting boards and more before Christmas.

Each board is hand crafted and spent lots of time being worked on so that this is a piece you will want to use again and again.

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