I am new to watercolors, but I have been enjoying creating new paintings with this medium. I have dabbled in watercolors as a child, but nothing serious. My grandmother in her 80s loves watercolors, and is an artist in her own right with gallery showings throughout the year. There are two types that I currently use: pan and tube.  My pan set is really old and was a gift from my grandmother over 15 years ago. Some of the yellows and other colors make great light washes, but do not layer for deep colors very well. The black, blues, and teal colors can still show vividly, which is impressive.

The tube paints are new and have been fun making vividly colorful watercolors. I have also experimented with "erasing" paint with a paper towel, salt, and masking medium. All of these have interesting results, and I can't wait to try more of these effects in future paintings. Starting this new adventure, I invested in higher quality brushes (sable) and  B&J Brush Cleaner.

New art is available on our society6 page . Hopefully more will be added soon. So far my new year's resolutions are a lot of fun.