Throwing the Net Wide


We are trying a few different print on demand shops to test out the audience of each shop and the quality that these companies produce. If you have tried any of these sites let us know your experiences and preferences.

It has been thrilling to add our art prints to these different platforms and see our designs on t-shirts, prints, and other merchandise. Even better we don't have to deal with shipping while we are both working full time jobs elsewhere! We do have a couple of local small business that we are providing freelance graphic design services, but both of us are still working 40 hour per week jobs and taking care our son when we are not at work. These designs are late night labors of love!cute pink and feminine clothes and merch at our print on demand stores

  1. Society6 - My cute macaron dessert print is the latest art available
  2. Redbubble - Yummy! Sushi print on a little bag
  3. Design by Humans - Small but feisty on t-shirts and other merch
  4. Threadless Artist Shop - Love this on a little onesie for a little girl!

In a few months as Meghan transitions from working full time at an advertising agency to freelance designer and artist. We will be able to finally launch our shop and crate more designs for our print on demand sites as well. Tyler is busy working on his shop space to get it into a better formation to create some very cool woodwork, but right now his workshop is little bit of a mess! Great things to come.

More mess before the beauty woodshop in progress this piece is not ready to sell yet We have the tools, just have to clean up the space to use them!