Test Products

If you you have been following along on Instagram account for Homegoods you might have seen us working on expanding our shops offerings for custom wood gifts for the holidays. We want to know if you would be interested in any of these products ideas.

Most of these utilize laser cutting or engraving to customize the gift special for each person who orders.

  1. First up is our “Home is Where the Heart Is” map. Originally designed for Meghan’s parents who have family all over the United States and the distance does not mean that we do not lover all of our families. These little communities where we call home are more about the people than the location.

  2. We think these drink recipe engraved coasters might just hit the sweet spot. We are deciding between a standard set of drink recipes or custom option so you can give friends and family your favorite recipes. These feature our 4 favorite recipes: Traditional Whiskey Sour, Boulevardier, Paloma, and Mojito. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

  3. Modern Cutting Boards: we have been working on another type of cutting board. Using a CNC to create clean lines for a modern look. We might be adding these to the shop later this year. These don’t take as much labor and we will be able to offer them at a lower price point than our live edge charcuterie boards or end grain cutting boards.

  4. Lastly, these laser cut ornaments were something we gave out as gifts last year, but we are thinking of adding these custom ornaments to our shop for the holiday season. What do you think? Would you want these hanging on your tree?

Leave a comment or fill out our google form to let us know your favorites. Thanks for being a part of our dream!