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Happy Holiday Cards

Last week we posted about working on Christmas wrapping paper for Minted, and this week we have two more holiday designs up for voting at Minted. One is more general use and one for Corporate use. We would appreciate your vote on both of these designs as we are new to the Minted Community. Happy holidays on both of these cards were custom lettering created by Lathe & Quill specifically for these cards. It is great to use my lettering passion on more than motivational posters for myself.

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Christmas in the Summer

id you know that Christmas designs have to be worked on months in advance of the holiday season? It can be tricky to get into the holiday mood when it is hot and sunny out. I am so glad that I can turn on a Christmas movie on Netflix and turn up my holiday station on Pandora and get into the spirit of the season. We would appreciate your vote.

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Keepsake Ornaments

My pattern this week is truly from the heart. I was inspired by the keepsake ornaments that hang on my Christmas tree each holiday season. My favorite being the velvet deer that I actually took from my parents’ home when they were tossing it out because it has been too warn over the years. I added many different color palettes that fit the mid-century style illustrations of the ornaments and floating tree branches.

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