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It's a Dino World

I love, love, love all things dinosaur—so this week’s design challenge from Spoonflower was the perfect starting point for me. This design is more realistic than some of my other dinosaur illustrations, but in fun and wacky colors. Brontosaurus, tyrannosaurus, triceratops, stegosaurus, and my son’s favorite pterodactyl all make their appearance in this pattern design.

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The Boy Who Loved Trucks

Spoonflower’s Boy Wonder Design Challenge this week had me looking to my own son for inspiration. His favorites seem to change rapidly between dinosaurs, robots, and trucks. Right now he is all about trucks and race cars. We keep checking out the same construction book from the library over and over, so I just had to do trucks in a variety of colors so that he could enjoy them no matter what his favorite color was. I would really appreciate your vote at Spoonflower this week.

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Getting Into a Summer State of Mind

This week’s design challenge from Spoonflower had me thinking of what brings on those warm summer vibes—fruit, lush vegetation, and vibrant colors always put me in the mood for a warm summer day (sitting in the shade of course) and enjoy color fruit (or fruity beverage) and watching my kids play in the water. I illustrated some very basic pineapples, dragon fruit, kiwi, and orange, lemon and lime slices hidden among lots of bold tropical leaves.

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