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Another Space Adventure

Outer-space is a subject that comes up again and again in my illustrations, and it is going on another adventure: Unicorns in space. The Spoonflower design challenge for this week was all about the zodiac but I managed to slip in an astronaut unicorn in anyway floating among the constellations. I would really appreciate your vote at Spoonflower this week.

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Llamas in Space

Llamas are such fun whimsical creatures to illustrate and are just a little more fun in space suits floating among the planets and stars. Ever since I was a kid I would lay back and look to the stars and imagine what it would be like to be out there and travel between the planets and stars. How beautifully magical it always seemed to me.

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Astronauts in Space

Space Pattern Challenge? Sign me up! I loved working on this week's design for Spoonflower. I illustrated the Saturn V rocket and lunar module among some coral and purple planets. If my daughter was older than 9 months, I think she would approve

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