Remove Popcorn Ceiling

There are a few simple tools you will need to scrape sand and wipe the ceiling down Popcorn ceilings are dated and unattractive

Shop Vacs are a must have in this type of project

ceiling after it has been scraped clean of texture

Scraping the popcorn looks best with a smooth ceiling


Popcorn ceilings are ugly and dated, but can fixed in a afternoon (depending on the size of your room), but it will make a huge mess. We had all of the tools we needed around the house: large and small scraper, flat sander, rags, and bags, broom, Spackle, and primer or paint to clean up the mess. You might also keep around a spray bottle with warm water just in case there is a difficult area. Going from popcorn to smooth is actually much easier than you think, using the scraper at a 45 degree angle gently scrape the dry ceiling it should come right off. Be careful not to be to rigorous or you will gouge the ceiling. If you find a difficult area, you can use a spray bottle of warm water to spritz the area to make it easier to scrape.  If there are any gouges, patch with the spackle let dry, and sand. Painting with a sprayer is easiest but can easily be painted with a roller and if you can use a pole even better (and you can use the same pole to help with sanding)