Dresser Redo

This dresser has seen a lot of transformations in the last 4 years. This was an old hand-me-down dresser in white formica and gold paint. It was dirty and over-due for a makeover. To redo a dresser like this is alcohol, sander, paint, and updated knobs. Sanding and clean surface is the most important part of repainting furniture like this. Rememberto start and rougher grit 80 or 100 and increase to a finer grit around 220.

Original Dresser white formica and gold dreser

fix a retro formica dresser with spray paint and glass nobs

diy spray paint

 A year later I took the painted lace off the dresser

A year later I removed the lace fabric I had attached with the adhesive. It wasn't peeling off, I was just looking for a new look to see what was happening under the lace. I think this definitely has an interesting look, and if I had the forethought that I would remove the fabric I would have painted a metallic or lighter grey instead of the natural white.

Green vibrant dresser

Most recently I changed the dresser again, for the best reason, my son. While we were preparing for our newest addition I sanded and painted this dresser again to "Asparagus Green". This time I did not use spray paint, and used a foam roller and satin paint (for easy cleaning). The room is mostly wood with green and wood accents. This dresser was the perfect height to be a changing table. I had to lightly sand the previous paint down to help adhere the new layer of paint, and to remove the texture from the lace that had been previously applied.

The final dresser remodel