Cuteness Overload

While I spent the first half of January ill (like most people this four season) I have been working hard to catch up on work and have been making my efforts a little cuter than normal. Between new patterns inspired by our upcoming baby and Japanese-kawaii inspired designs that really get the awww factor going. It was a lot of fun working in the Japanese inspired style. Big eyes and soft round shapes are some of the trademarks of this adorable style (plus everything gets a cute face)! You do not have to be a child to enjoy this style of adorableness, fun for everyone.  


Adorable unicorn with a colorful rainbow with dots and sparkles cute dog in kawaii style in outerspace cute kitty in outerspace with stars and planets Waffle and Cake Cones in adorable kawaii style Adorable doughnuts in chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, and grape with sprinkles Love comes in cake, macarons, chocolate, cupcakes, ice cream, and donuts, doughnuts

Adorable repeat pattern of otters playing in the ocean



Cute baby girl pattern with violet and giraffe, zebra, rhino, elephant, tiger, alligator, lion, leaves, trees Cute rhino, elephant, lion, giraffe, zebra, bird, tree, tiger, alligator Cute and vibrant pattern of animals in the zoo lots of zoo animals in coral alligator, crocodile, zebra, elephant, rhino, lion, giraffe pattern of zoo animals for children's room