Cozy Fall Foliage

Another fun new pattern of fall foliage for Spoonflower's Limited Palette Design Challenge. Feeling the autumn vibes I developed this pattern for Spoonflower, but it was picked up by Redbubble for their found section on their homepage to feature the blue pattern. That was a lot of fun. I always love a feature from one of my print on demand sites. I had a lot of fun creating this whimsical feeling autumn foliage pattern with a variety of leaves, acorns, mushrooms, pine cones and other fall foliage in varying hues similar to the palette provided by Spoonflower. All of these patterns are also available at Society6 and Casetify.

We’ve added a metallic option to let the magic of the season really shine through, and I have to admit I have a love of things that sparkle. The gold and rose gold hues compliment nicely on the teal background.

Gold and Rose Gold Metallic catch all bag - pretty accessory for fall and winter