Floral Dinosaurs

Yeah that title is not very clever, but it gets right to the point: floral dinosaurs. I love, love, love all things dinosaur, and lots of flowers so this is the perfect combination of feminine girly with the bad ass Tyrannosaurus Rex. In my favorite color palette of blue and pink / coral hues with accents of bright green and blue.

On Thursday I will drop a post about the latest submission to the Spoonflower Challenges, but I was so inspired by the dinosaur theme I added some new artwork to my shops that I just had to have: floral dinosaur silhouettes. I am not sure there can ever be enough girly dinosaur artwork in the world for me.

I want to add a brontosaurus silhouette in the future too, so be on the lookout for that one coming soon. These pair perfectly with my dinosaur and unicorn pattern that I made earlier this year for my daughter’s birthday.