Rainbows + Dinosaurs

Rainbows and dinosaurs are a magical combination. Inspired by my son’s love of each I created a pattern that pulled both of these things together. If you have been following my illustrations for awhile you know that I love dinosaurs and rainbows. They pop up again and again in my work so it was just a matter of time that I use them both.

These patterns, while they look very similar, are actually made in a few different ways. The blue, green and yellow palette was made in Adobe Illustrator and then brought into procreate to add texture. The other two with the pink brontosaurus was illustrated completely in Procreate on my ipad and then only brought into photoshop to create the pattern.

This was a close runner up to my Spoonflower design challenge for this week, but ultimately chose the trucks to be my “Boy Wonder Pattern”.

As always these designs are available at Society6, Redbubble, and Casetify.