Birds of a Feather

A beautiful peacock design is my submission for this week’s Spoonflower Design Challenge . It was not going to be my original design for this challenge. I had something else in mind (and already finished) and it couldn’t be more different, but more on that later.

This week’s design for Spoonflower went a little sideways on me. I had originally planned on doing the flying pig pattern below, but I ended up with this beautifully moody peacock pattern. I love the whimsical nursery vibe from the flying pigs, but my husband asked for a peacock illustration so that he could work on an engraved project that he is working on. I loved the sketch so much I made it into a pattern. Art and design are not always set in place, and can take flight and transform in ways you never expect—and I love that!

The Peacock pattern comes in two color palettes: bright (please vote at Spoonflower) and a more monochromatic teal version.

All three palettes are available at: Society6, Casetify, and Redbubble.