Written in the Stars

My Spoonflower pattern for this week was inspired by the stars and the past and future they can see for us in the Zodiac constellations along with the planets and moon. This design was illustrated in procreate with pastel digital pens. I have two color options of a the classic grey or the midnight blue. This pattern will be up for voting for the next two weeks at Spoonflower. I know the Christmas and New Year’s holidays are quickly approaching, but please click the link and vote. Thank you!

I have two more space themed patterns this week that or variations on some of earlier work this year. A wonky space pattern with planets, constellations, and shooting stars in a bright green and blue palette. I also made a new robots in space pattern for my son who loooooooves robots. This is a similar palette to the wonky space one but with some orange thrown in for contrast.

As always all of these prints are available in my shops and Society6, Redbubble, and Spoonflower have outerspace collections so they are easy to find. Casetify you will have to do some digging, but it should be some of the most recent work available.