Holiday Sweater Patterns

For Spoonflower’s Design Challenge this week. They asked pattern designer’s to be inspired by the knitting patterns of Fair Isle. Feeling inspired by the season I took this theme further by incorporating a holiday design into the linear patterns with Christmas trees, candy canes, snow flakes, and holiday colors (some traditional and some not). I started by designing the individual elements, creating liner stripes of each element, and once the pattern was finalized I added the sweater texture on top of those graphics. Creating a sweater feel with vivid holiday icons. It was a lot of fun to learn this new sweater technique for this week’s contest.

This first design is available for voting at Spoonflower this week, but this pattern as well as the other color varieties are also available at Redbubble, Society6, and Casetify.

Christmas themed phone case with winter trees, snow flakes, candy canes in a linear fair isle knitting pattern