Perfect for Baby

Spoonflower’s Design Challenge this week asked for a gender neutral wallpaper design. I thought of my own children, and what I would have wanted to for their nursery. My fondest memories of a child were driving out of the city with my dad to stare at the stars. I have always found the sky a serene and calming place, so of course I would make that into a pattern for a nursery. Please vote at Spoonflower and you can also shop this design at Redbubble, Society6, and Casetify.

We have another outer space pattern that fits in our Space Dinosaur theme from earlier this year. This pattern was another pattern inspired by watching the stars with my dad. Recently the Orionids Meteor Shower passed over us, and I loved watching the bits of debris streak across the sky and thinking fondly of my childhood.

Outer space pattern catch all bags in purple and coral colors - perfect for stem girls who want to reach for the stars