10,000 Hours


It is that time of year where we analyze our past and have hope and dreams for the future in the new year.I would like to build new skills and really get his business off the ground.  They say it takes 10,000 hours to be efficient at something, which if you work 40 hours a week at something, would take 5 years. While the fixed timeline of 5 years is debatable, it is important to continue learning and advancing our skills. There are plenty of schools and universities that offer classes to "civilians", but I love the online community for building my skills and inspiration, because it is much more accessible. I have already talked about skillshare (still one of my creative learning sites). I also love Creative live (free and paid classes available), Treehouse, and of course Youtube.  

All of these avenues are adding content all of the time.

  • Skillshare is a great source for makers and freelancers.

  • Creative Live is also a great source for many different types of creatives and freelancers.

  • Treehouse can build your technology and coding skills (even if you have none)

  • There is an endless amount of subjects you can learn on Youtube, it's not just cat videos.

I always approach each design project as a chance to improve on what I have done before, but I am hoping to advance some skills:

  • Watercolor

  • Hand-made lettering

  • Motion Graphics (I used to do this a lot in college, but haven't been able to use it much professionally. Hopefully, I can change that.)